I miss you dad!


People tell me that,
I look like you,
And when I look in the mirror,
I know that it is true.

And it breaks my heart,
And the tears start to fall,
Because it’s like I’m looking into you’re eyes,
Because they’re also the same as yours.

I have you’re personality,
You’re big bright smile,
But it has been missing,
For such a long while.

I have not laughed for a long time,
But I laugh just like you did daddy,
I can crack jokes,
Like you would I can be funny.

We shared the same love in music,
Both hated the same foods,
And we used to always be,
Picky about what we would chose.

We had a close bond,
That we both thought would never break,
But it all changed,
When you died beside me and wouldn’t wake.

I have lost you forever,
I can never let you go,
Although it’s been three years,
I still miss you so.

It has been so hard,
To grow up without you around,
But I made it daddy,
And I hope I did you proud.

I still think of you,
Every single passing day,
It’s impossible not to,



*Melodia mi-o dedica mereu !



4 thoughts on “I miss you dad!

    • Hai nu plange !
      Eh tot timpul va fi sensibil avand in vedere ca il vad pe el cand ma uit in oglinda si nu pot sa uit totul si nici nu vreau !
      Dar trebuie sa’i duc genele mai departe sa fie mandru de mine nu?


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