The nightmare girl

Another lovely day turns into solid night,

just dog barking far away you can feel it’s might,

young girl that lost her hope,

had a fight with her mother, now she’s on dope,

she lost a way with her friends, she can’t see the light,

moment of peace in her brains after that she is blind…

She had a boy she loved, boy every girl would adore,

he seen her that low, doesn’t want her no more,

she wants him back but in his eyes she’s a whore,

ended up without cash, has to sell herself, every night,

from a guy that’s nice in bed, to a guy that puts a gun on her head…

Every morning she starred in the mirror, hanging of the wall,

looking at herself, no-one prepared her for this fall,

at first her face faded, now her brain is death,

she can’t see reflection, though she’s standing there,

and the girl in the mirror, is the girl from her nightmare…


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