Teenage love

I’m sitting here wondering how could I write a quote about heart-pounding teenage-love. Well, being a teenager & watching my fair share of romance movies, I know one thing, & that’s that love is magical. Well, at least it is in the movies. It’s when two people come face to face by pure fate & look at each other with no intention of leaving, not for a minute. It usually ends all well & good; with a killer knock-your-socks-off kiss; with amazing passion. But in real life, love is messy, people fight & sometimes, despite the magic, they leave. So, love? Well love is being able to put up with someone for 5 minutes at a time & liking it enough to come back for more. And if you play your cards right & the chemistry flows, maybe you too will get your happy ending, knock-your-socks-off kiss too, with lots of passion, of course.


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