The Only Thing Hate Does, Is Block You From Being Great

Today, I want to talk to you about hate, and how holding it in your heart, will block your greatness. For a time, I hated someone who had wronged me. Hated, loathed them, wished every bad thing imaginable to them. And guess what the hate did, it did nothing to them, but it brought everything bad to me.



  Every time I saw this person, the feeling of hate, anger,and wanting to kick their butt consumed me. But again, it did nothing for them and everything bad to me. They could care less about the hate I felt towards them. I don’t think it ever bothered them. During that time in my life when hate consumed my heart for this person, things were going real badly for me. I made a lot of stupid mistakes. I made a lot of lapses in judgment,and I also was going through a miserable period in my life.

  One day I was watching someone on TV  and he said something to the effect of “Hate does nothing but destroy you.” After hearing that,  it was like a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that the only person that my hate for this person was destroying, was me. Recently Oprah discussed this in her life class, and I was so overjoyed that she was getting the message out about how hate only hurts you, because it’s so true. Once I let go of that hate for this person, so many great things began happening in my life. 

   Although I’d always tried to be a positive person, when it came to that person, I was consumed with negative energy. Consumed!   But once I let go of that negative hateful energy, everything started to  change in my life. 1) I was a lot happier, 2) So many great things began happening in my life 3) Things didn’t bother me as much.4) Opportunities came a knocking .

   Now that my heart is hate free, it is the best feeling. I went through a stage of  every time I saw this person, her presence would make me physically sick with anger and hate.  But  now when I see her, my heart no longer feels that way. It sympathizes with her, and hopes that she has changed for the better.

    My advice to you is if someone has wronged you in the past or even now, let it go, don’t dwell on it, and realize “you are too great, too hate! ” It may seem hard, believe me I know. But, don’t carry that burden of anger or hate in your heart.

       Also, when it comes to others, don’t hate on their success either. If you see someone’s success or happiness,  instead of hating on it, rejoice in it. Be happy for them,because the truth is, you can do the same. Hate and hating on someone,  does nothing but bring misery to you, age you and just block your greatness. Let it go.  Once you let that anger and negative energy out of your heart, you can use that energy for your own greatness, and believe me, you will see some amazing things happening. I’ve seen it in my own life.

Someone once told me: Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.  I truly believe that.

Have you let go of hate for someone recently?

Did you find your life got a lot better?   





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4 thoughts on “The Only Thing Hate Does, Is Block You From Being Great

  1. Am stat ceva sa ma gandesc daca sa scriu comentariul asta in romana sau in engleza. Ma rog.

    Nu cred ca am urat pe cineva vreodata. Am facut rau, e adevarat. M-am razbunat. Dar mereu am ajuns sa regret. Si nu cred ca e un semn de slabiciune asta, cum credeam acum ceva timp. Ci invers. Cei puternici iarta, cei puternici trec peste.

    Si, da, fericirea este pur si simplu o stare. Pe care ti-o induci singur. E o chestie de perspectiva.

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  2. I agree. Though it is hard to let go of feeligns of hate sometimes, especially if you’ve been seriously wronged, it won’t help you to hate someone and they usually couldn’t care less as you say. That being said, beign consumed with guilt has the same effect, so trying ot constantly excuse people who have wronged you, is not positive either. The first step is accepting what has happened, and the next is moving on fro there.

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